Solar Batteries

Batteries are often the single biggest cost when designing a Solar Power system. As with the Solar Panel industry, technology and performances of battery products are improving rapidly and just when one highly efficient storage principle is announced, another takes it's place in a few months. For cost reasons, the best value for money battery system available at present is the flooded cell lead acid, and it's derivatives Gel electrolyte and AGM. Sunray Solar has partnerships with selected manufacturers who produce various batteries to suit our warm climate and Solar Energy profiles. We supply single 2V cell lead acid units from First National Battery(SA) and Hoppecke Germany. Clients with smaller budgets can choose from our range of Fiamm and Monbat 12v AGM batteries which perform well in our climate. Hopefully the future will allow us access to LiFePo and Vanadium fluid batteries, but these units are still too expensive for use with present Solar Energy systems.