About Us

Company Vision

It is the Organisation’s goal to supply a product or service to adequately meet the customer's requirements and specific needs, ensuring that the quality of the product or service fulfils the basic function for that product or service, and that the product is well manufactured or the service is of the highest standard.

We are committed to skills development and competitive pricing whilst ensuring that quality and customer satisfaction is not compromised.

To be the preferred supplier of custom switchgear/ electrical industrial solutions in Africa, through a strategic full tiered approach to industrial solutions. Namely: Manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment.

It is the Organisation’s commitment to inform all employees of this policy and ensure its objectives are maintained throughout the company, and that all employees know their responsibilities for maintaining the company’s quality requirements.

Mission Statement

It is the Organisation’s objective to design / manufacture to any defined standard that may be required by its customers and to ensure that the sourcing of material and supplies and the manufacturing processes are monitored and maintained at the levels expected to produce high quality products. Furthermore the organisation’s objective is to give supportive service in the form of maintenance support on the clients designated equipment.

Our concept is:

The design, manufacture, install and supply of electrical systems and the related maintenance support to ensure the Client’s satisfaction.

Our target market is:

  • Sappi
  • Mital Steel
  • Other private companies